Air travel
Compensation for a cancelled flight
Compensation for delayed flight
Compensation for expenses due to no-show
Compensation for overbooked flight
Compensation for rescheduled flight
Refund after cancelled flight
No alternative flight offered
Referred back to (online) travel agent
Compensation damaged baggage
Compensation delayed baggage
Compensation lost baggage
Bankruptcy airline
Bankruptcy company
Car rental
Unjustified invoice from car rental company
Unjustified deposit taken
Unjustified accusation of causing damage
Double insurance for a rental car
Complaint about a car rental company
Distance selling
Cancel (flash) credit
Received wrong item
Pricing error
Returns within cooling-off period
Misleading product information
Termination of subscription/membership
Unsolicited goods
Faulty product: cancel purchase contract
Faulty product: last chance to offer repair or replacement
Faulty product: repair or replacement
Unjustified cancellation fees package holiday
Boat cancelled
Bus/coach cancelled