Travel by bus

February 28, 2024

The rights of passengers travelling by road are governed by EU Regulation 181/2011 (concerning the rights of passengers in bus and coach transport).

Journeys of more than 250km

Assistance – carriers must provide adequate assistance to passengers in situations of cancellation, or a delay of more than 90 minutes where the journey’s duration is more than three hours. Such assistance may take the form of snacks, meals, and refreshments as well as, if necessary, up to two nights’ hotel accommodation for a total amount of €80 per night (except in cases of severe weather conditions and major natural disasters).

Reimbursement or rerouting – Where the journey has been overbooked, cancelled, or delayed by more than 120 minutes, the passengers are guaranteed a right of reimbursement of the ticket price or rerouting to their final destination.

Compensation – In the event of a delay of more than 120 minutes from the estimated time of departure, passengers are entitled to compensation of 50% of the ticket price. This right also applies if a journey is cancelled and/or if carriers fail to offer the passenger rerouting or reimbursement.

Information – carriers must provide information to passengers on their rights and entitlements if a journey is cancelled or delayed.

Protection in case of death, injury, loss, or damage – in the event of a road accident causing any of the above, carriers shall provide practical assistance and protection in regard to the immediate needs of passengers (including up to two nights’ hotel accommodation, for a total amount of €80 a night).

Free assistance for disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility – Carriers are obliged to provide assistance at no extra cost to disabled or reduced mobility passengers, both at terminals and on board. This may extend to free transport for accompanying persons where necessary.