McCarron Law Firm Client Testimonials

Joe McCarron Represents Satisfied Clients

"I fell in a store and had a bad injury to my neck. Joe was able to get a great recovery for me - over and above my medical bills."

Jean K

"My brother died in a motorcycle accident, and I couldn't get anywhere with the insurance company. I'm so glad Joe could help. He is an excellent attorney and obtained a great result for me and my family. I'm very grateful for the work Joe did for my family during this difficult time."

Debbie G

"Joe represented me on a case I had in Peoria, IL, and did an excellent job for me. He spent the time needed to make sure that I understood the process and to work this case; he covered every base and applied the law in such a way that the other side didn't even see him coming! I was very happy with my results and would recommend Joe to anyone! "

Richard E 

"I'm so glad that I called McCarron Law Firm. Thanks for everything, Joe!"

Amy E

"I hired Joe to represent me on a workers' compensation case. I got a great settlement for my injury on top of all the bills. He also dealt with the V.A. and Medicare to make sure all of that was taken care of as well. Joe really knows his stuff."

Floyd G

"I was in a car accident and was hurt pretty bad. I had a skull fracture, 6 broken ribs, lost part of my ear, and hearing in that ear. Joe really knows about how workers' compensation and personal injury insurance law work together. Joe McCarron handled my case with excellence and got me a very large settlement!"

Mark G

"Joe helped me with workers' compensation for a back fusion surgery and a rotator cuff surgery. He made sure all the bills were covered and dealt with all the insurance issues. He also made sure I got a great settlement over and above the bills due to my ongoing problems. I highly recommend him."

Dave A

"Joe is a great lawyer. He'll always have my recommendation and appreciation. He cared about my situation and got me results!"

Matt E

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